Below is a general guideline outlining the tasks that will take place for the implementation of your recognition program.

  1. Meet up with your committee to review roll out, start up, and communication expectations
  2. Award Selection Process
    • Meet with selection committee
    • Review budget and investigate selections and savings
    • Develop product mix
  3. Communication Process
    • Identify internal promotion vehicles and formats
    • Determine layout of selection sheets or brochure
    • Set up interactive Toll Free telephone line
    • Create order form
    • Integrate online ordering
  4. Delivery / Distribution Process
    • Clarify delivery points and shipping locations
    • Investigate any cost savings
    • Establish delivery times
    • Determine computerized labelling and packaging identification
  5. Administration / Selection Process
    • Establish administration details required
    • Establish reports required
    • Provide follow up
    • Invoice breakdown for ease of accounting